About Therapy

The Therapeutic Relationship

The therapeutic relationship offers you the opportunity to focus on yourself, and your relationship with others.

The therapeutic relationship concentrates on your experience of your life, and can:
  • give you a greater understanding of yourself and your needs
  • help you to accept yourself
  • enhance your self esteem, your personal and professional relationships, and your expectations of life.
Therapy can help you to live a better quality of life, a fuller life, a freer life.

Counselling or Psychotherapy

In general terms counselling provides a shorter, more focused experience, and psychotherapy offers a deeper self exploration. You may begin your journey with a specific issue and find that this experience gives way to deeper issues that you would like to spend time on. Alternatively you may find that a few sessions of counselling are sufficient for your needs. Therapy is a dynamic and active experience which may evolve into a more lengthy process as the therapeutic relationship develops.

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